Employee Benefit Plans that include the following:
  • Directors Plan
  • Disability Insurance
  • Extended Health (including Global Medical coverage)
  • Dental
  • Post employment Health and Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Early retiree coverage

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Access to services can be crucial in times of need. Our value-added services are also an important part of the program.


When faced with the uncertainty of a medical condition, Best Doctors provides clarity and understanding; empowering and helping members to feel confident they are on the right path.

When a member is faced with a medical condition, Best Doctors will review that person's medical records, images, and pathology to confirm the diagnosis and examine treatment options. This service is completely confidential, although many members choose to share their Best Doctors findings with their own physicians.


CBI Health Group (CBIHG) is one of Canada’s premier providers of quality health care and rehabilitation services. Since 1974, CBI has pioneered the development of active health care and rehabilitation solutions. Formerly known as the Canadian Back Institute, CBIHG has evolved to extend our resources, experience and approach beyond backs and necks to all forms of employee health including injury prevention, wellness, and rehabilitation.

As a member of the Credit Union National Benefits Plan, you enjoy expedited access from a network of over 140 owned and operated locations. In addition to expedited access, Credit Union National Benefit Plan members will also receive preferred customer pricing for each assessment.  This cost includes the onsite assessment, local mileage and travel (up to 60 minutes), and completion of a comprehensive written report, including recommendations.

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